Allentown Bethlehem Bartending School

Learn the skills to be a bartender in Allentown & Bethlehem

So you’re interested in Bartending? Great! That means you’re on the right track to making $400-800 a week part-time, having a skill set that will allow you to work almost anywhere in the world, and at almost any place: from casinos to hotels, from small restaurants to private parties, there is no limit to where you can work at! Most importantly, however, bartending is a social job and we at the Mixology Wine Institute pride ourselves on bringing the best out of every person whether they take classes or not!

At our Bethlehem Bartending School, located in downtown Bethlehem, you can choose from day, (1 pm – 5pm) or evening classes (6 pm – 10 pm) to become a Pennsylvania Certified bartender and get a job behind any bar!

We also provide access to our lifetime, nationwide, job placement assistance program, and free refresher classes at our school that are accessible at any time.